Into the Woods

The Tale of Three Adventurers

Our Story Begins...

Warm and bright was the afternoon. Not a care in the world for our three adventurers besides what the rest of the day had in store for them – little did they know what was really going to become of their evening.

Our heroes, Aliaga, Darth, and Cuntpunch were chillin’ out. One could say they were maxin’. Potentially even relaxin’, regardless, they were all cool. When suddenly to each of them a cloaked figure appeared and gave each of them a letter instructing them to attend the Crossed Hammers tavern in Talea’s capital, Beowick. Darth and Cuntpunch went into the city happily, and Aliaga, reluctantly, and upon entering the Crossed Hammers encountered each other, and the renowned bartender, Baranna Kush.

At the end of the bar sat a cloaked figure. Upon inspection, much question, and poking of the figure, it was revealed that it was simply a common broom placed there to trick visitors of the bar, by some of the humans, gnomes, elves, and dwarves playing darts in a corner of the bar.

They then turned their attention to another interesting looking figure sitting inside the bar. As they gathered around the table, the figure began to speak to the group, revealing himself to be an assistant to Mayor Amerus. The unknown assistant revealed that a Drow woman named Lyra lives inside the castle. Lyra has the ability to see into the future, and that she saw our three heroes heading up a fight against a dragon attack on Beowick. The cloaked figure promised the heroes untold honor and glory from destroying the dragon, as well as as much of the dragon’s treasure as they want.

The figure also told them that in order to prepare for this battle, they need to travel to the mountain city of Wicot, where they will find the Elder Wizard Estelle, who will give them knowledge and abilities to properly defeat the dragon.

After agreeing to going on the journey, the heroes went to the local market to pick up weapons and such, where they encounter Bowie, the local wizard who provides cheaply made magic items for the town. After spending some time in the market, the group spent the night in Aliaga’s tree mansion, before taking off on their journey.

On the way to the second city, Egron, the group stopped for a rest. Cuntpunch found some berries and pipeweed and proceeded to smoke some, then the group encountered a Bugbear and while attempting to defeat it, Darth was knocked unconscious. After defeating the Bugbear, they brought Darth’s unconscious body to Egron where they encountered the human cleric Janet, who was able to heal Darth. They also met one of Baranna Kush’s sisters, Banana Kush. After spending the night in Egron, the travelers left the city and headed on to the next stop on the journey, The Ruins of Badun Keep.

Halfway down the trail, the group encountered and defeated a Dryad, managing to kill it while it was flying in and out of trees. Darth dealt the finishing blow while it was inside of a tree, knocking the tree over and the Dryad with it. This is where the first chapter of our heroes’ story ends.



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